Mach3 and Im feeling rusty

Hey, I read a few of your answers and thought I would ask directly. I haven’t used my crossfire for 2 years. It was in storage. Last week I went through the tutorials and created some files to cut and loaded them into Mach 3. No problem except feeling rusty. Anyhow this week Fusion wouldn’t load and after a system restores and no luck I quit. My computer was/is Win7 and 10 years old. Works fine for most things. Anyhow, I bought a new computer with Win 10 Core i-7 12 gigs ram and was hoping all would be good. So as I was going through the tutorials there were a few places in the MFG process that don’t match up. My attempts the create a tool in the Library> Local> haven’t worked. So now in the select tool area, I get nothing. The second issue seems to be in the G code area. There is a file to load for CF settings I thought it was the Win 10 patch but the tutorial calls it something else. I can’t find that file. The 3 files I DL have different names. @TomWS was suggested as a good trouble shooter.

Thanks, Carl

You’ll probably need help from someone who uses Fusion, but, if I were to guess, you’re license for Fusion is no longer valid. They made a licensing change about a year ago and messed up a lot of people in the process. You also have to be careful to pick ONLY files related to Mach3 and “Gen1” systems. With the newer systems, totally new software and drivers are used and not compatible with the Gen 1 setup (which is what you have).


Somehow, on my however many tries it seams to have taken me seriously. 2 things might be the problem, gray hair and a touch screen. I ordered this computer and did not ask for a touchscreen but it seams I have one. I tend to trace things lightly with my finger and that may have caused an issue. I’ll cut something tomorrow and see if I’m back in the game.

There’s reason why I prefer hammers to keyboards.