Mach 3, no more Jog control?

For some un God reason, I think my Windows 10 machine did an update or somehow Mach 3 got upgraded and now I have no Jog at all…
Is this something anyone else experienced ???

Steve… I’m not sure if there is a known reason for this happening but, the first thought that comes to mind is “what harm could a re-install do?”… Just a thought… Maybe something was corrupted with an update??

Yup, reinstall Mach3.

And disable Windows 10 automatic update!!!
Other than that, I don’t have an opinion on the matter.

Yeah, will try a Mach 3 re- install, where do I find the config files for Crossfire ?
It’s been so long ago on installing anything on the crossfire, it’s been a pretty solid setup for years

Everything you need should be here-------->

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