Mach 3 keeps closing

I designed and posted a part. When I try to open it in mach…it pops a window open that says “generating tool path.” Then it just closes the whole program. It doesn’t do that on other parts I’ve designed, and it doesn’t do it with other stuff from fireshare. Idk. I tried to set it up again but same stuff. Should I just start over?

Also I did something to the display window. The part shows up super tiny and offset. How do I restore the default view?

Here’s a pic of the view

Well I was hoping for a little help at least with the view problem.

Did you change your table definition - Config --> Homing/Limits? Or the setup units?

Lol… I’ve got no idea. I was trying to scale a drawing and suddenly the view went to nosebleed section. Lol