Mach 3 issue Changing speed

I just got my table set up and cant change speed on table. Wont change in jog mode or when running break in program. Did i set the pluggins wrong or will it not recognize the table. I tried several different things like manualy changing the feed rate # and also increasing the FRO %. I aslo went into the Jog menu to change it also. I also wont change speed at all in the run in program. It reads 6.00 when i first start up program. No matter what i do it seems to not change speed. Any Ideas?Thanks

Same thing happened to me the other night. I just typed the speed I wanted in the feedrate box then pressed enter. Haven’t had a chance see if it was a fluke or something else after cutting the part.

same here
i have to change by overriding the speed with green slider on the right of FRO

if i type in speed and hit enter it doiesnt do anything

I haven’t got my system yet but loading in some of my programs I’ve noticed that whatever i did, typed it in or used the Fro nothing seemed to change. Thought it was just because i was not hooked to the controler.