M5 Code...insertion

So I’ve been really learning this Fusion/G Code stuff lately. I just made a cool batter box for a motorcycle project and tried cutting it out. It has a lot of rectangles cut inside of the overall outline so as to save weight. I also have some small rectangles cut on the bend lines to make bending the sides up easier, as well as some text that says CB 350. I made two cut profiles because I needed the smaller rectangles and the text to be cut on the center of the lines. The rest of the pattern I wanted offset of the line. Everything came out really well except the first cut of the second profile. When doing the simulation in Fusion, the two profiles linked fine and the entire pattern traced fine. When actually cutting, I noticed that there is no M5 code at the end of the first profile. It then moves to start the second profile and shows an M3 code to fire but doesn’t. After tracing the small rectangle, the torch moves to the next rectangle and picks up cutting fine for the rest of the pattern.
I’m thinking that I need to somehow get an M5 code line at the end of my first profile so it knows to then fire properly at the beginning of the second profile. Is that a correct assumption? If so…how is that done?

THanks for any help.

BTW…the trial piece worked well! Exciting to see designs take shape! Now to get that one little part fixed and I’ll be set to make the real one.

Got the issue figured out. I opened up the code editor and added the M5 code in where it seemed to need one. It worked perfectly after that! The part cut just fine.