Lost mach 3 while changing to fushion personel

followed the steps for changing fushion 360 to personnel. no problem except when I logged off and back on laptop mach 3 icon was gone. I think it is in the laptop. just don’t how to open it back up. any suggestions

If you installed in the default location the folder will be here.


Most computers are set up not to show file extenstion. so you may not see the “exe”

You can see the Mach3.exe also has the familiar Mach 3 icon.
Right click on it hold the right click button down and drag it to your desktop. let go of the right click and select create short cut.

You can also right click on the desktop select create short cut and then navigate to Mach.exe and select Mach3.exe

Thank You Richard for the response. Had a computer repair guy come and help. He had to take the laptop toe the shop,said he would have to go into harddrive. something cleaned out all of mach 3. said he would let me know later.

That’s bizarre. I would have just reinstalled Mach3 from a fresh download, reapplied the Langmuir components (from the Langmuir website) and copied the license key over (from the email you got when you purchased the license).

No sense trying to recover a bunch of deleted files (which is suspicious by itself unless it was a fat finger deletion of the directory in File Explorer). The conversion of the Fusion license happened in the cloud and was just an account setting - no new files or install is needed.

Your right in what should have been done but I am in way left field with a computer . Didn’t know what else to do but let him take it and see if he could fix it. Every time I see something on the forum I make a copy and put it in a binder. I have kept up with several of you guys and used your advise. THANKS

James I had to do what you said. I cleared all of mach3 and started over. now I wind up with a ink behind the dfx file and it wont load. how do you get rid of this.

Could you attach a picture of what you are talking about?

I could try to to send by e-mail don’t know how to do it through forum

When you reply then you hit the button up top that has an up arrow on it then point to where you have the picture on your computer.

I have never seen that, what program are you using for drawing your programs? Here is a quick copy of what I found out.

INK is an image file format used by Corel DRAW. INK files are used to save specific color information for images. When .INK files are saved in the standard format for DRAW, they will be saved in the same directory as the image file they are associated with.

I see the extension .dxf then see where it has the .ink extension down below when you selected it, I also notice that those are all just shortcuts, can you point to the folder where the original files are?

how all this got started, on fushion it said to change to personnel. I did with no problem. when I logged back on mach 3 icon and program was gone. James hatch said redo mach 3. did that and went to fushion drew a simple circle post it. it would not cut then I saw the file with ink.

All of the files that you showed earlier are shortcuts you need to go to where the shortcuts are pointing to.

you can open up your drive that has your files on it and go to the top right and search for *.tap and it will show you all of the .tap files on your computer.

find the actual files and we may can help you get going again if your pc tech didn’t delete something?

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I went to my pc put in *.tap and list of tap files were listed. can these be moved were they need to be

Yes, you can copy and paste them or just make note of where they are and open them from there.

can I put them in the downloads

Yes, I have a folder on my data drive names projects that is where I have all of my files, Tap, dxf clipart, etc etc.

I will be working on putting things in place. Thank you for your time and help

You’re very welcome, glad I could help.

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