Loosing arc at the same exact spots while cutting an curve

I have an curve I am trying to cut and each time the torch gets to a certain spot it stops cutting. There is still an arc but only slightly gouging the surface. It reacts like losing ground but ground clamp is secure. Any help would be appreciated.

Posting your G-Code and identifying where the problem occurs would be helpful…

Post your whole setup as well. Air supply, cutter, pictures of the item that the cut is failing on will also help.

Setup is Hypertherm 45 XP with a Motorguard M60 dryer. Air pressure 105 lb. 220842 electrode and 220941 nozzle.

Problem File 1.nc (6.6 KB)

Not sure how to tell what line of G-Code the problem occured.

I ground the mill slag off where the ground clamp was attached and that seems to have taken care of the problem

Weird. Looks like you were running out of air if it kept happening in the same spot. I clamp over mill scale without any issue. How big is your compressor?

Glad you got it fixed.

I have experience running too low an airports sure as I have to lower the pressure when I use blast cabinet and have forgotten to raise back up. 2 stage with a 60 gallon tank.

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