Looking for someone to cut some test pieces on their PRO

I am looking for someone to do a couple of test cuts for me on their PRO. I am trying to decide if I will purchase one or not, and would like to see how it cuts a couple of my files on 1/8" mild steel.

I have fusion files for the cuts.

Would anyone be willing to make some cuts for me? I will pay for the cut and shipping.

I am in Northern Colorado.


There’s some variables there like what plasma cutter, and torch

How big are the pieces? I have some 11ga., but I don’t have a lot and I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy more at the current prices.

I’m in Canada or else I would offer to cut and send these back to you.

What are you looking for in the finished product?

With the proper care and attention the langmuir can produce some decent cuts for a plasma table.

Here’s some 14 gauge from last weekend. I was very happy with the results.

Apparently he just wants to get some things cut out and wants someone to do it for him. He said he would pay for the items and shipping.

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I’ll do it. I’ve sent you a private message. I’m in Utah.