Looking for cut file

Hello gang. Anyone got a file to cut out a 3D wild turkey with beard.

I often go to etsy and search for things.
I just wen there and typed “wild turkey SVG”

sopy off the web…buy it…
I never had much problems with files from Etsy…theymay need a little tweaking for the plasma…but for the prices you really can not go wrong.

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You can do that with Google as well and click the Image tab.

You’ll find lots of options, can filter for b&w for instance, and then as you click through you can find free ones or those that you may have to pay a fee for.

I second @toolboy 's suggestion. I’ve been surprised by the range and quality of silhouettes on Etsy. The Noun Project is another decent source. I find there’s too much chaff with a general google search and/or google gives preferential exposure to sites like pinterest (which I have no ‘interest’ in).

not that any one ever does anything illegal…never…
it is so easy to copy a picture…trace to bitmap…play with the nodes and sizes…and create your own file these days…
Me…I would never do that…ya right…

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Kind of looking for something like this

you did say 3D, didn’t you… oops.

Search for STL files like “turkey STL”. You’ll need sites that specialize in CNC files for 3D construction. Like makecnc.


Like this…hehee

dam…I missed the 3D part…or well …I am kind of flat guy

Heheeee. Lol. Me too most of the time.