Local Software Needed

Hey all. I dont use my crossfire much but it seems everytime i do fusion has changed yet again and created another stressful time. The last time i used it was about 6 months ago. Yesterday i opened fusion only to get to post proc and seeing an entirely new screen and no idea why or how to fix it. My question is, is there a software to buy that installs to the computer that remains the same everytime its needed and noone can “improve” it to where its a nightmare to use? Or maybe a better more user friendly software.

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There are a number of us that don’t use Fusion at all.

I use FreeCad for accurately dimensioned parts and Inkscape for art stuff and lettering. Then I take the DXF or SVG file and run it through Sheetcam to create the G code.

FreeCad is capable of doing the majority of the things that Fusion does for design and probably everything Fusion can do for 2D sketches. Some of the things that are automated in Fusion need to be defined in FreeCad, but it’s not hard to learn.

If you don’t like updates, you don’t have to update. You can continue using the version you are comfortable with


Sounds like a winner to me. Ill check it out thanks

QCad is a good 2D alternative to both Fusion and FreeCad. It’s open source and free if you don’t want CAM (ie, use SheetCAM for CAM).