Limit switches not touching off at same time

Hello all new user here and in the process of assembling my xr
I noticed when I slide gantry back to back stop plates one limit switch hits before the other. I know down the line adjustment bolts get installed but should these touch off at the same time now? Is my gantry out of alignment?
Any help or input is greatly appreciated

I had the same concern and I knew my frame and table were under 1/32" within square. My gantry rolled smoothly until the ball screws and rods were in place and the resistance made it hard to tell if it was going to bind. Ultimately when I put the adjustment bolts in and fired things up, all seems good. Have been up and going since last Friday. I do think you will be fine but hopefully someone else can chime in with more experience. I would say my Y1 side hit first by not quite 1/4".

It will be fine, when you home the machine, the gantry will square itself.

Appreciate the responses so far !