Limit switches for the Crossfire Pro

I am thinking about purchasing a Pro with the Razorweld but I am concerned that there are no limit switches. Isn’t that a basic?

Although the mainboard has pinouts for limit switched there’s timeline on if/when they’ll actually have them available for use via software update.

I’ve had very few problems paying attention and staying inside within the working envelope.

The vast majority of the time you’ll be starting in the bottom left hand side of the table. This also happens to be where you would orientate all your designs as well.

I have had it where fire control freezes up while it’s traveling and it continues to travel and then butts out on the end. Even with stalling out on the bolts for the time it took me to get to the keyboard there wasn’t any visible or measurable damage. I definitely wouldn’t want to make a habit of it. I think the largest concern you’re going to have for that is tip ups. I had a bad crash yesterday just couldn’t get to it in time and it tipped oddly. I didn’t suffer any damage from this either, I did ruin the little part I was working on but it got me thinking a breakaway torch holder might be nice.

I can see using a breakaway magnetic torch holder way more often than an axis limit.

If I were to build my table over again I would definitely have rised stanchions it would be so much better for my Duramax180 machine torch’s clearance. There is a few topics on this forum about the raised stanchions, awesome idea.

You will really enjoy having a pro table if you decide on getting one.

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bingo for me…

as for limit switches…those are for people who do noit know how to layout or control their design layout…amatures…mwhahahahahaha…(evil Laugh)


I think those coming from a CNC machining background see limit switches as a necessity for homing. After using the table, you will see that homing is not something that is needed and it is pretty easy to stay within the work envelope.

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Staying in the work envelope is not too difficult. But having a limit switch / home position to go with my x,y guides would make life so much easier. Yes i know you can run into the bolt at the end of travel and call it home but that just doesn’t seam right.

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I have limit switches on my 2x2 and it’s convenient to ‘goto home’ when I first power on the system. This establishes the machine coordinates so I can easily command the torch to move to a specific place on the table using a G53 command (to get the torch out of the way, mostly).
However, once I put work on the table, I use my laser guide to align the work to the torch and zero out both axis. The limit switches aren’t used to prevent crashes.

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