Letters wont cut right

I have a xpro with a RW45 i have cut 3 things so far and not doing bad. Tried to make a sign using stencil lettering and it cut most all of them out in 1 piece. best way i can describe it is the torch is burning too wide of a path. Do you need different tips if so can i get a link or links to what i need. Thank You…


Don’t have a Razorweld, but like most other plasma cutters, tips with larger or smaller kerf widths are available to use.

One drawback to a tip with a smaller kerf is the limited current you can/should run through it.

So if you’re cutting both thick and thin, make sure to check what tip you’ve got installed before starting your next cut!


Can you post pictures and cut settings?

I can If someone can direct me to where that is at. I am totally new to this

You may not be able to upload pictures yet being new to the forum. What thickness are you cutting, what voltage, what speed are you cutting?

16g, Voltage? i didnt see a setting for that Welder is on 35 amp and 70ipm

Amps sorry. You need to speed way up. Try 120 to 140 ipm. May even need faster for 16 ga

Ok thank you! I will give it a try tomorrow…

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