Learning by mistakes

I was setup to cut a project out of thinner metal and decided to cut one out of 3/16 instead. No problem right??? Well… I forgot to go back in and redo the cut speed in the program. I discovered that 175ipm on 3/16 @45 amps actually works pretty well. On the straight runs there was almost no visible dross. I could tell it was just almost getting ahead of the cut by the way the sparks were shooting at times but it hung in there. I think I’m going to bump all my 3/16 cuts up to 165ipm from now on. My book says 122ipm. I’m tempted to do a long straight cut and time it to see if the LS table is actually achieving the speeds that the programs are supposed to be running at. I suspect it could be a little slow.

So when you set the machine to cut at 175ipm it doesn’t cut instantly at 175, it starts slower and ramps up. I have one of my tables set to ramp at 15 inches per second. IIRC
Can you slow down or speed up the cut speeds in mach3 without having to make another dxf? I still haven’t played with it at all

I change the cut speeds in Mach3 quite often, while it is cutting if necessary. Comes in handy when you want to cut out of different thickness materials.


Same here. If I’m not liking the way it’s cutting I start playing with the override on the speed in Mach… Once it’s where I’m liking it, I may go in and edit the TAP at that point…