Lead nuts in bad shape

My Crossfire table arrived last week and so far assembly has been going fairly smooth. I just got to the video for installing motors and both lead screws nuts will not screw onto the lead screws. Looking in the nuts, the threads look they’re in pretty rough shape. Has anyone run into this issue, and if so is there a fix? or should I just contact LS and ask for replacements?

Are you sure that’s the problem? Did you pull the white part back against the spring? That opens up the “fingers” of the black screw threads and let’s it screw on easily. It’s a mother to try & screw them on without pulling back the collar first.

Thanks james, shortly after I posted this I figured that out. I wish that had been a little more clear in the video. The table is up an running though, just need to fill it up with water and test it out.


I had the same issue last fall when I got mine :slightly_smiling_face:

I think @langmuir-daniel said they were going to update the documentation to call it out more clearly.

I believe I had the same problem for a few minutes… before figuring that out as well. yeah the docs need to edited to show this…

had the same issue and my threads looked jacked but they ended up working just fine when I figured out I had to pull the piece back

Because it’s a very large pitch and the threaded nut section (fingers) are split, they look all jacked up but they’re just how they’re supposed to be.

Yeah, I’m sure plastic isn’t the easiest to material to machine cleanly either. Still, it works and I’ve been going through the learning curve all day. Took me 6 tries to get a nice clean, almost 0 dross cut, but I think I’m seeing a lot of possibilities with this machine. In honor of my multiple face palms, redo’s, and such during assembly, I added a sticker to help not make the same mistakes in the future…

Thank for all the replies everyone, it’s good to know there’s an active community behind an awesome piece of equipment.

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