Lead In with 360 Causing Cutting Issues

Getting the hang of this awesome tool. Trying to work on some signage for our nonprofit and having an issue with the lead in and piercing cut causing a slanted notch/cut that is wider than the actual line itself. The areas of issue directly correlate with the green tool lead in line shown here.

Photo of the actual cut.

Still dialing in settings and learning on materials. But thinking if I can figure out this software piece that will help resolve one of these issues.

Screenshot the settings you’re using.
In the 2D profile menu and in the post menu.

For these line cuts you’re going to want to set your Pierce clearance to zero in the 2D profile menu last tab.

I would do all your line cutting as one operation.

And do all your inside outside shade cutting in another.

Once I get to a computer I can send a screenshot of where in the 2D profile menu and post menu to look.

Is this cutting all the way through?

It looks like you have some torch height and inches per minute parameters off.

So torch height voltage, amperage,?

Pierce height. Pierce delay?

Inches per minute? And are using any feed rate optimization that’s slowing down and speeding up the travel speed depending on geometry?

What consumables are you using? What plasma unit are using?
Model number.

What material is this? How thick?


For torch height controlling if you’re using it are you setting it to Smart voltage or typing in your own voltage?

All the details. Someone on here should be able to pinpoint , the problems.

This is the most recent file I’ve been playing with. I did shrink the cut down to half the size in the Firecontrol portal.

Changed my medium, using 14g HR steel, amps at 45. I’ve got no doubt this is user error, just looking to learn as I go on this.

test fail 8.19.nc (202.1 KB)

I’m not sure if 18 in tall is big enough for this sign when I put it into fusion and made it 18 in tall there was only .040 in some of these areas in the smaller fonts that are completely blowing out on the actual cut.

You’re going to need to upscale it or somehow increase these little Bridges.

Unless you’re moving at a very fast inch per minute these little areas will take on too much heat.