Last box still hasn't shipped

The last box (box 2) was supposed to ship feb 14th. It’s the 23 and still no email or any confirmation that it has shipped or been delayed? Has anyone gotten their final box yet?

mine got delivered yesterday. and Daniel mentioned on another thread that they were shipping about 70+ of box 2 on last Friday.

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I got a tracking number friday but it hasn’t been picked up from Langmuir yet. I’m 8446 so depending on your order number you might have a few more days untill it ships

I’m 8543 so it should be soon then. Thanks, the first two boxes arrived a few days after they were scheduled to ship. Since it’s been 10 days I was just wondering if there was another delay or something.

yes,there was a delay on shipping box 2 out.

they got 50 out by the end of this week. they are hoping to get 150 more out by the end of this coming week.

im 8566 so im hoping ill make the cut this week, would like to get the table running this coming weekend.