Langmuir pro laptop

New to cnc cutting and Langmuir. Just received pro model and wondering what brand laptop people are using for it and any preferences of brand. Ontario Canada

welcome to the forum…
I Live in Ottawa…
alsmost anything will run the table and most software you need to work with the table…unless you want to get into Fusion 360…it is a hog on data usage on a computer

I plan on using my old XP17 (1.86Ghz quad core) to run the table. I use a “new” MSI GL63 for my CAD/CAM work.

My old laptop is 12 years old for reference. I plan on cleaning it out of most program and files and it’s strictly going to be my shop computer going forward.

Thanks for your reply. So what program are you using to cut with?

as you siad you have a pro…then only program you can cut with is Firecontrol…anyone with a Pro can only use Firecontrol.

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Sorry I’m new, reading your comment about fusion 360 I thought it was another rogram to use. I haven’t set up operating system yet. Trying to figure if I need a new laptop or if I can use a old one

I started on an old Windows 7 laptop I upgraded to Windows 10.

I put a little bit of extra Ram in it.

For simple parts I was able to use Fusion360 okay.

That laptop is currently always hooked to the langmuir and it pretty much just runs fire control these days.

I have a more robust desktop computer in my office where it’s comfortable for longer drafting sessions.

If you’re using programs like inkscape or other comparable drawing programs in conjunction with sheetCAM you could basically get away with any Windows 10 computer.

What are the specs of this laptop?

Thanks for the info. I have an old laptop I’m going to try out first. Hopefully it’ll do the trick, it’ll be dedicated to the machine only.

there are some guys who I believe have used the small mini PC’s…so just about anything will work…if it is a laptop you will need to remove the ground from the charger or run it on batteries when cutting…

Good tip, thanks

I use a stick PC off amazon connected to a TV to drive the table.

Dell inspirion 5000 and have 16G of RAM… you will need good RAM/HD if you also us it for CAD/etc… I just use mine to run the machine…

I sent an inquiry to Langmuir, replied back need 4 gb min but 8 preferred. Is it possible to hook hard drive up for the extra storage, or do I need internal gb? I’m not savvy on computers. Thanks

a hard drive is not RAM…it is storage…RAm is internal in the laptop or PC…

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