L1 inductor removal

Am i the only one who cant un solder this dang thing. I am admittedly am amateur at soldering with a crappy 30w iron but good grief. It just refuses to come off. Whats the secret? Im heating both sides and working back and fourth and pulling with tweezers but it hasn’t budged.

Is the solder melting?? Maybe add solder to the iron tip then to the pads

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I tried a little flux, tried a but if solder on the tip. The solder melts almost instantly if i touch it to the tip but i cant see any melting happening on the inductor.

If we’re bypassing that inductor, why the hassle to remove it? why not just solder-bridge it (solder right across it) and be done with it?

The thought crossed my mind but circuitry is not in my wheelhouse. I honestly don’t know the way these things are structured and where the contact points are… if that is an acceptable alternative then great. If not i think i will order a better station and give it another go.

Use some needle nose pliers to snap it off. Then solder between the pads.

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Snap it off cold ?

Yes, it will come right off. Basically disintegrates into dust with very little pressure.

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That will be so rewarding after so much frustration… lol. Thanks for the response


Once we identified the defect in the board design we had to rework a few thousand boards. Quickly realized that desoldering was NOT the fastest way forward. Out came the needle nose pliers and our guys in electronics were fixing a few per minute.

That was so much easier lol. Thanks for the help everyone

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Feels great to just pulverize that problem into dust, doesn’t it? :rofl::rofl::beers:

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