Klutch 375 misfiring

So I have my table set up except for the $%##@ lead screw couplers. I’m having a problem with the cutter. It needs to touch the surface to light the arc. If you light the arc and then raise it it will keep the arc, but if you lift it even .060 off the surface it won’t light. I’m sure I read something about this once, but I can’t find it again. Any help from the experts would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve

Make sure the swirl ring is in the torch. If all the consumables are in place the torch will pilot arc. If the swirl ring is missing it will not pilot arc.

The other thing is if the clamp is to tight it will deform the cup and cause it to not pilot arc.

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how far off the material should it fire? I have replaced the swirl ring and the copper nozzle as well as the tip. It still wont light the arc unless it’s touching. I’ve had this cutter for over a year and it cuts perfectly off the machine. So I was definitely not expecting this set back.
The inside assembly is lightly spring loaded when I screw the cap back on it. Is this normal. It’s an s45 torch I believe.

I’m picking over information and I have a question. The unit has a large red “pilot arc” wire. Is it possible that is bad? Is there any way to test it? My google fu hasn’t found a schematic for this unit.

If you give me a call tomorrow I will walk you through testing the torch and plasma cutter. Have power, air, etc and a VOM handy for testing.


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Thanks George. What time is best for you? and what time zone are you in? I will call you from the shop. should I take the torch apart before I call you?

After 9 am eastern time. Don’t take anything apart till we need to.

Thank you sir. I’ll head down to the shop around 9 then.
I’m a little confused about the need for the pilot arc wire and how it functions. I’d love to learn how that works. My main shop cutter is a High Freq start (old century tank).