Just The Tip is all

or nozzle, or whatever you want to call it.

I’m just starting out and I’m trying the get my mind around how all this works so be kind :neutral_face:

From what I understand the nozzle is rated in amps, which relates to the size of the orifice. My Primeweld came with only 2, 1.1 nozzles which is for 60 amps? So what does that mean if I cut thinner materiel at say 30 amps with the 1.1? Does that just result in a wider cut and less ability for detail? To me this makes sense that the thicker the metal used the less detail you can achieve.

I did do some straight line cuts at 30amps on some .060 square tubing at 100IPM and it was very clean and smooth, but a wide cut. I figure I will be cutting mostly 14ga for now and I want to optimize for that.