Just ordered CrossFire w/Razorcut - WA State

New to both Plasma Cutting and CNC. Ordered for my personal use in hopes of expanding my fabrication skills. I mainly work on Trucks / Jeeps / Suzukis for myself, family and friends. I’ve been lurking the forum here for a few hours. Seem to be a treasure trove of knowledge here. And allot to learn. Cheers!


Welcome to forum. There is tons and tons of knowledge here if you have any troubles.

Congrats and welcome!

A lot to learn and this is the place.
These guys are awesome.

Welcome to you.
You will love your Crossfire.
For my part, she crossed the Atlantic to settle in France. I have been cutting for about 1 month and I am impressed by the performance of Crossfire with Razorweld
The only limit will be your imagination. Check the forum regularly


Congratulations on your purchase! I have the same setup for about a month and a half and I’m very happy with it. Once you get through the learning curve it’s a lot of fun. The forum is very helpful and the search feature is your friend. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Im about a month ahead of you. it just gets better and better. Figure out your workflow and experiment and see what software you like best. I ended up really liking sheetcam for the post process and Fusion for drawing but everyone is different. lots of little gotchas but they can be solved. I have learned a metric shit ton about stuff I never even knew existed.

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