Just order my table today

Order #4332 gonna be a long wait

Thanks for your order! A long wait for sure but we are doing all we can to deliver as fast as possible.

Take yalls time for real just excited is all lol

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Congrats. If you havnt heard it 100 times yet, Watch as many vidios on the table as you can, All of them on this site. Assembly to the last one. Download Fusion 360 , If you qualify go the start up free route when signing up for it. (less than 100k per year) Download Mach3 if you have the PC your going to run the table with. Or even on one your not to play with the buttons. Dont be like i was and totally lost on everything when my table arrived. :eyes: Tons of knowledge here. (them not me) lol . In short be prepared if your not. Tons of fun when you get it .


Yea i would think that i qualify for it its just gonna be for a hobby folks really make alot of $ with this