It’s July waiting on my pre order

When I pre ordered my crossfire pro they said it would ship in July. Haven’t heard anything from them about covid delays is everything still on track? I’ll be waiting for a shipping notice

Yes we are still on track for July back-orders. The machine ships in 3 separate boxes and you should expect to start seeing shipping notifications for the first box closer to the second half of July.

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Sounds good I was hoping that was the case👍🏽

Langmuir is a great company. You will be happy after you receive everything. I was pro batch one and they didn’t let me down.

I assumed the backorder issue was from Crossfire Pro being new(er). I purchased one recently but the backorder status tripped from august to september by the time I processed the order.

If the product is getting popular, I would think think the ability to eliminate the backorder should be coming along, especially since the payment is taken in full when you order. Most backorder situations, the payment isn’t processed until shipping.

Unfortunately, the backorder time cut the value in half in my particular situation of getting the machine.

How close are you to shipping order #12420? :wink:

It’s worth the wait. Get brushed up on your workflow so you can cut the day you put it together.

I chuckle every time I see a post asking “I put it together, now what?” Oh dear, bless your heart.