Issues with unheated workshop?

I’m weighing my options with getting an MR-1 and am wondering if there would be any issues with the machine being in an unheated workshop. My machine will be for weekend hobby work so I don’t heat the shop until the weekends. In extreme cold the shop would get down to about 32 F and then be heated up to 70 F when I intend to use it. Will this cause any issues with the electronics? Do I need to worry about condensation from the temperature swings? I would imagine someone in the northern climate is doing this?

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So it doesn’t even get below freezing?

You’re going to be good.

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It’s been single digits off and on here over the last couple weeks. No issues whatsoever.

Sngle digits in the shop or outside? Do you worry about coolant freezing?


Outside temps, but my garage is not really insulated, and gets damned cold. The coolant would have to sit untouched for days to freeze much, and likely acts as an antifreeze anyway. But I’ve seen no signs of freezing, while a bottle of water did freeze. So…


Great to hear! Thanks

I have been running my machine in 40* weather without issue. I did have to switch the Z axis to the high power controller. The axis would stall when it was that cold. I would need to let the machine sit for 20 minutes before I could rapid Z without stalling.

Thanks! Good to know because that’s the climate mine would have to reside in.