Is This Air Compressor Overkill?

$3920.00 brand new

is there such a thing as overkill when it is shop related?
the cfm rating isn’t very high, considering the price

I would get a middle of the road five horse compressor.
Then spend the other money on an air cooler and an air dryer.

i run the 2hp 20gallon Calfornia compressor…it runs hard but keeps up.
it is so dam quiet it si unreal…the only thing is that it does put out a lot…and I mean a lot of heat…

and as the others say…there is no such thing as over kill…

and I like what @TinWhisperer said…air cooler and dryer…and then motorguard filter or equivalent final filter

I was lucky to have room outside the shop for the compressor and 3 phase converter

I specify and use those in my medical equipment installations, especially when it comes to running the pneumatics in the larger autoclaves I supply and maintain. They are reliable, oil-free and awesome quiet and at a decent price point. Comprehensive manuals and every single part is also readily available.
BTW No such thing as an overkill workshop!

Looking at the duty cycle and time to refill from 95 to 125, I wouldn’t spend that much money on it. You can get a refrigerated dryer, which you would still need with that compressor, along with other filters and an Aftercooler for less than that purchase price. It will be quieter, but the volume of the torch and 90 psi hitting the water is louder.