Is screen fixed?

will the screen/arm pivot on the XR? from looking at the pictures it looks like the top directly behind the screen might but the bottom looks like its fixed. also will there be the option to place the screen on whatever corner you want or does cable length restrict it to that specific corner? Thanks!! @langmuirsystems

The arm that attaches to the frame of the machine is fixed and can’t be rotated. But the angle of the screen can be pivoted up and down to adjust the viewing angle. Further degrees of freedom and/or relocation of the computer mount would require modifications by the end user.

is there any extra length in the power supply/video cable and if not are the cables proprietary or something that can be purchased in a longer length fairly easy like a HDMI cable or DVI cable? thanks! @langmuir-daniel

Just a guess, but I would imagine it would just need a USB, HDMI and power cord extender. Would be nice if it was a simple USB type C touch screen.