Is it 20.5 or my TAP file

ok today after uploading the 20.5 and upgrading the sheetcam I found that I am having problems with FC freezing when validating a program.

it seems I can open and validate this TAP file
cottage to cut oct 13.tap (31.4 KB)
and it cuts fine…
but when I try this TAP file it freezes trying to validate
circle to cut oct 13.tap (18.5 KB)

I also found this to be a problem with another file I am doing…

is it sheetcam processing it wrong or is it FC ?

now the cottage file is freezing up FC when tying to validate it…

I should not have to constantly go into task manager to try and reboot every time.

it just seems strange that the file works one minute then does not load the next

The cottage gcode is running twice. It makes your inside cuts twice in different orders and your outside cut it does twice too.The first time it leads in after the tt and the seconf time it leads in at the g.
Could be confusing FC and freezing it up

strange because when I cut the cottage file earlier it cut perfectly fine…one time…no problems.

How many lines of code is that cottage file?
When I look at it it starts making the second cut at line 590

almost a total noob here…but well…ok I am a real noob…a 54 year old newb…

how do I check that?

I don’t use fire control so I cant say for sure if its that or not but by looking at your .tap file there seems to be a issue with the cottage one anyway.
Do you have the dxf or svg that you made the cut file from?

circle dfx
circle to cut oct 13.dxf (87.3 KB)

cottage dfx
cottage to cut oct 13.dxf (77.5 KB)

found the problem…!!!
I have to delete the file in the user profile each time I load a file to cut…

I am able to load both of these programs without issue (FC20.5, Machine 1.2ls, THC 1.09). Are you able to load them with the power supply and plasma cutter off? Hanging on validation is usually an issue with the USB connection as the validation step sends the first 1000 lines on the actual Motion Control Board to make sure it is all OK. Do you have another USB cable you could try? Have you had issues with connection before? I would guess that deleting the user profile is only coincidentally fixing it.

FC 20.5
THC 1.09
machine 1.21s

board came with shunted inductor circuit

most of the time I was plasma off…as my plasma is off till I am ready to cut.
also I did try power supply on and off…tried all kinds of things.

changed usb cable…added a couple of ferrite cores for extra precaution.

seems to be loading the tap files fine for now.

you guys are always on top of the issues of us 50+ year old noobs.

thanks for the help