Inkscape question

When creating text in Inkscape, and moving to Fusion in SVG format, the text size is very small. How do I prevent this, or at least, is there an easy way in fusion to blow it up? The other question is regarding using the text feature in fusion. The letter size is always smaller, by quite a bit, than my selection. For example, if I select 2. 75", it ends up less than 2". Any ideas? Thank you

when you import a SVG into Fusion there’s a Scale XY Box
You can adjust it to resize your svg.
So if it comes in as 1" and you need it 2" you would enter 2 in the scale.

Inkscape saves SVG “scale-less” by default I believe. The current version is based on 96 pixels per inch. But it also defaults to saving as “responsive”. That means it changes size based on what it’s being displayed on. Turn that off and you should end up with consistent sizes when moving files between apps.

Did you convert units in inkscape to inches usually if you dont change this it will be in pixels. I do a lot of artwork and lettering in inkscape because fusion is often slow and also you cant put text on a curve in fusion

Also FYI a friend of mine gave me a cheat on scaling correctly. Measure what you get in fusion. Enter in to the scale dimension the number you want / the number you have. It will automatically scale to the size you want. Works great! I will remember to turn the responsive saving off as well.

Where do you turn the responsive off? Also will this work if you set units to inches.

I’ve been setting to inches in document properties and saving as dxf and it imports at the right size.

how can get the x y scale plane back if i need to resize it ?

I don’t know the “Correct” answer to this. So I will tell you how I do it. I delete the SVG out of the drawing and re-insert it with the corrected scale. It’s not a convenient as you would hope but I know it works.
I’m also sure that there’s a better way. Maybe someone with more Fusion expertise will pipe up.