Inkscape, Fusion 360, sheet can?

Salut, moi je travail avec Fusion version educative gratuite et j’obtiens de tress bons résultats. Seulement il faut apprendre a s’en servir il est complet.

Hello, I work with the education version of Fusion and I get get good results.
you only have to learn it and use it…

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Can you provide me with the details on the fusion training?

I do not use conFusion360…so I am of very little help.
langmuir tutorials…youtube search…

I do believe @brownfox offers some basic lessons to get started.

Sketch tools tutorial.

Start here. When I started learning I had one tablet that I could watch the videos and pause them and also have my computer open with fusion 360.

Start at the beginning and don’t move on until you understand the steps of the video.


I have generated a tool path on Fusion. How do I turn this into a g file so the Fire control recognizes it?

I finally figured it out! I was thinking it was a download was supposed to happen but it was more like an address for the post. I was skeptical, but it did turn into a g file. I plugged it in the fire control and did my first test run on my machine finally after a month in idle. It worked. I had just used the skateboard file on the fire share. I appreciate everyone’s feedback and responses. I have gotta learn how to do sketches now on fusion. Thx again!