Indexing Guide for Oversize Pieces

Designing an indexing guide for pieces longer than 23" (in my case - or 33 when I FINALLY get the Y axis extension). From my machining experiences I thought pins are the way to go. I’ve put a stop along the Y axis on the X+ side of the machine. A 1/8" pin is set about .25" from the X 25", Y0 corner. This is the index. The sheet metal is placed against the ruler at the X-max edge which indexes the X axis. The sheet is pushed against the pin at Y0.25 which indexes the Y axis and thus the X+, Y- corner which needs to be used as the 0,0 corner. Then the first half of the part is cut, including a .125 hole indexing hole near the Y max travel (say 1" back from the end the cuts). When that’s done, slide the sheet and put the indexing hole on the pin, and cut the second cut (in this case starting at Y+1).

Only mod to the table is 4-6 holes to put the brackets for the Y-axis stop. The indexing hole can be welded shut easily later, or that section can be cut off.

Any thoughts? Problems?

the corner you are looking at is the X+, Y- corner. The tray is a new Crossfire 12" x 12" mini water tray :slightly_smiling_face: - This was the important corner, it’ll extend the length of the table:

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I’m not sure the accuracy of a plasma cut index hole is any better than just sighting a scribe line. It may be faster (unless you have to refill the hole), but I doubt it’s more accurate.

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Good point. I’ve only had the table a month, so I’m certainly no expert. I figure an undersized hole drilled out, but I t’ll be as accurate as any other cut. I haven’t done any really intensive fit together pieces to check accuracy.