Incomplete/overrun line

I have a drawing and when i go to make the cut program im not able to select the line as one. I know from past experience that typically that means there is an incomplete line or overrun somewhere in the drawing. Ive been over it a few times now and cant find it. I know I can extrude to solve the issue but Id like to get the file complete so its easy to share. Is there an easier way to find it?

The easiest way to get help on this is to post the file. Then the experts can look at it and see what you’re doing wrong. Right know we don’t even know WHAT kind of ‘drawing’ file it is…

You could try to project the whole drawing to a new sketch and see if that solves the issue.

If you post your f3d file or a screenshot of your situation it would be hopeful in defining your situation.

That’s a bit of an overstep, maybe some overconfident amateurs. :rofl:

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Isn’t that the same thing??? :beers:

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Sorry for taking so long its been a busy week! Here is the file

Deer.dxf (56.7 KB)

I realize we’re talking Fusion here but…

FYI… SheetCam is happy with it as is… It does get a little tight at some of the inside corners for the kerf to continue around but, it will cut…

Thanks! Are you familiar enough with both programs to say why it would be accepted in one but not the other?

Certainly would not call myself an expert in either software…

Maybe you can give a description or screenshot of where in the drawing you are having troubles…??

Sometimes SheetCam will remove line overruns and duplicate lines for you and let you know it did so… Not so with this file.

Maybe someone else with Fusion will give it a shot…


LF deer v1.f3d (283.2 KB) (73.2 KB)

fusion likes this file just fine.

maybe your THC is not functioning correctly or your torch height is too high?

Edit I just realized that I should swap the order of the two tool paths when I get back to my computer I’ll do that. :white_check_mark:


Did you try it without extruding it? Because thats where my issue it at. Im not sure how common it is for people to extrude to make a cut program im just trying to limit the amount of sh*t I might get if someone has to take an extra step

I normally extrude everything in my workflow.

This step is not worth skipping it really simplifies the toolpath delovopment phase.

If you click my avatar there is a link to some videos of how I like to do my work flow in fusion 360