Incomplete design cut

Half of the design cut out but half of it is incompletely cut. Any ideas?

Did you look at the consumables. It is likely moisture in your air or some debris in the torch.

I have had that happen after I cut some aluminum. Flecks of aluminum were bouncing around in the the torch. I cleared them out and all was fine.

It could also happen if the torch moved up away from the material or your work clamp was getting variable contact with your piece of metal.


Lots of Ideas but you need to provide more info to narrow that list down

Have you had any successful cuts?
Have you cut this design before?
What are your settings?
What cutter do you have?

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I have not cut that design before. I have a primeweld cut 60. I’m running 40 amps 84 ipm. Cut height .05 with 1 second pierce delay. I have had successful cut with the same settings on different designs. It seems very inconsistent. One time it will cut the whole design perfectly, and the next design will end up like that

From the picture it looks like you running low on air. Air should stay at 65 psi all the time the plasma cutter is cutting. You should also be using a 0.9mm/40 amp cutting tip if your setting is 40 amps. Also add a little more speed as I can see it is over heating the metal in some spots.


Work clamp on part not on slats

Yes. I grind the mill scale off and put the ground directly on the piece I’m cutting