Importing dxf to Inkscape - Fireshare

A lot of the dxf files I pull in to Inkscape will not render properly. Some are perfect, trace bitmap, duplicate, done. Others will not work at all. Trying to select object to path doesn’t work, says no path objects. I tried selecting all and “union”. Nothing works on some files. Is it me or the files?

I jumped from Fusion, too many changes coming and won’t be free much longer. Plus the control and hold all the content. Ugh, learning one program after another but 360 is so bloated and slow.

Any help appreciated.

Trick I learned in the 3D Printing domain. Download QCAD. Import your DXF into it. Save as DXF.

It will be nice and clean importing into most anything…
Same goes for oddball SVG. Import into QCAD and save as either SVG or DXF. Done…

BTW, I don’t use QCAD for anything but fixing files…