I'm a rookie from CA

Hi Everyone.

Thinking about getting into the world of CNC. Just got a new plasma cutter for Christmas and now I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of CNC tables. My wife said to get one so I guess that’s half the battle. Looking into ordering the CrossFire.

I have experience building small parts on a lathe and Bridgeport mill. We race boats and thought this would make for some nice pieces. Spend almost the entire weekend at the shop “working”. We have a good time with good friends and good food.

Lots of good information here that will take me some time to soak in, but excited for the possibilities.

Happy New Years.


Howdy Cody… Glad to have you!!

Make yourself comfortable, sit down read a spell… And, don’t be afraid to ask questions… Super friendly, super knowledgeable people abound!!

Happy New Year to you as well… :clinking_glasses:

What part of California? I in Tulare

Welcome You…Super friendly, super knowledgeable people around here!! and of course Langmuir Team…
Happy New Years to all…

Welcome! Happy new year too.
Hope you CRUSH it here.
I will be of little use to ya, but I just wanted to send off good vibes.
I’m in the Bay Area, and I’ve just now put my Pro together -although I’ve had the kit for almost three years in boxes in my garage…(sigh)
I’ll be trying to learn right along with ya!