IHS/Z-axis changing after cut start

Hello, I have a CFPro, RW45, IHS, no THC. I’m trying to cut a basic bracket design simulated and posted in Sheetcam. It’s cutting the first of 4 holes at the correct height, then once it moves to the second hole, Z is raising the torch up to about an inch above the sheet and that definitely cannot cut. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

check to make sure your Z axis guide rods are clean, also check to make sure the z axis springs back when you lift it up by hand. i had to lower my torch mount and raise the z axis zero because at the lower end of the z axis there was a sticky spot, when the THC/IHC would check for zero it would hang up on a spot about 1/2" up and would start cutting from that height. my guide rods are getting rusty from the table water splashing on it. i have to wipe them down with a scotch brite before use.