IHS Issue With CrossFire Pro

Hey there,

I am having an issue with the IHS. When cutting my first part, throughout the program it will keep shooting an error shown below. I have to constantly continue from the last point and itll go again. It’s not every time it makes a new cut that it happens. Sometimes it’ll make 4 cuts, or 10 cuts before throwing the issue, but it does happen.

Things I’ve checked:
Wiring termination (not necessarily any signal or voltages with a multimeter) just if connections between harnesses are solid.
Slack in cable is more than enough
Z axis assembly/block slides freely with no wobble or tension
I’ve ran it with the torch disconnected from the plasma cutter and still get the same issue

At one point it wouldn’t even continue the program, and to fix this was to raise my torch Z axis a little using the jog function before trying to start from the same spot in the program again.

What versions of the Post Processor, FireControl, and Machine Firmware are you running?
Does your Z slide have enough travel for the torch hit the material without bottoming out?
Are you seeing the IHS indicator ‘light’ at the bottom of FireControl on all the time?

Thanks for the prompt reply,

Post Processor: Downloaded a file from fire share “Pineapple” with my customized 100IPM and .75s piercing values
Fire Control: 20.5
Machine Firmware: v1.2ls

Yes, Ive mounded the red torch mount to ensure the z axis assembly isn’t bottoming out. The IHS indicator only comes on when the tip of the torch touches the sheet metal.

More info: I’m using Hypertherm 45XP w/Machine torch, THC, and CPC port.

OK. That all looks good. This program should prompt you to convert to v1.6. Have you done that? You should be see a G38.4… line in the GCode window.