IHS Fail Torch is not in the expected inititial state

My Crossfire Pro has had an intermittent problem where the Torch does not fire and I get a warning
The the IHS fail : Torch is not in the expected initial state before starting IHS cycle.
The Indicator on the Fire control dashboard sees the torch contact the sheet metal.
I could not find anything wrong so reading thru the site I found the USB housing to frame voltage test.
what I found while monitoring for voltage was when the IHS functioned and the torch fired I had .02-.1V . When the problem occurs voltage was between .5 and 1.3V. when the IHS switch was disconnected the votage went to zero.
I checked the crossfire pros control box mounting to verify it is isolated from the frame.
I washed the IHS switch assembly and dried with compressed air and I still have an intermittent IHS fail . However the voltage while still present never exceeded 1v while the problem was occurring.
I decided to remove the torch holder and fully disassemble the Torch Holder and Clean the entire assembly till like new. When I removed the bolts holding the Switch plate and rollers to the torch assembly I wire wheeled the contacts and thoroughly cleaned the bolts and the teflon washers.
After reassembly I have 0Volts when measuring from the USB to frame and the system is working again. I think the problem was caused by a film of oil that was on the inside of the teflon washers causing continuity between the switch and frame.


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