IHC Error code problem

Hi guys, I have the Crossfire Pro, and I keep getting the ihc error code. It says to check for slack in my torch cable, which I have. Is the IHC system just so sensitive that any movement gives it an error? When It happens, I just jiggle the torch holder a little and I can then continue the cut, but it’s really irritating when I have to do it on 80% of the cuts. Will a machine torch help? If so, what is a good one to try? Thanks. You guys have helped me tremendously just by reading through the topics on this forum.

Can you check that the two wires connected to the lead nut and the brass contactor are secure? If you are getting an IHS error randomly just jogging around it could be a loose wire.

What motion control firmware are you on? V1.1 or V1.2? It will indicate the version at the top right of FireControl when plugged into the machine.

Also clean you z axis eccentric bearings and rails. Mine were all goobered up and causing it to bind.

I’m using version 1.2. I’ve check the wires, and if there is a loose one, I have no way of tightening is because of where it is. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t finish a project because of this error. I checked out the IHC troubleshoot guide, and nothing helps. I’m waiting on an email from Langmuir, but who knows when that will come… Sorry, I’m just very frustrated. I spent a lot of money on this machine, and right now, it would make a good boat anchor…

Turns out I had the wrong Post software! The issue has been resolved. Thank you to whoever helped me out via email from Langmuir.

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