Ideas what might cause this?

Cut the first of 3 same parts incorrectly, the next two perfect. First time the machine has ever acted up on me. Any ideas what might have caused this to happen?

Coupler slip?

Loose motor plug ?

I would check these first.

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Checked all the usual suspects. Didn’t find anything of interest. Been working fine all day today. I’ll just blame solar flares and wait to see if it does it again.

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May be I am a little lost here ? All three parts in the picture are cut wrong so were are the 2 that were cut right?

The first part of 3 was cut wrong. The next 2 were correct. All 3 parts are the same part. Top two parts are correct. The bottom part, which was cut first is incorrect. It has been behaving ever since.

I am VERY new to running my system, but my $0.02 worth:

did you run a program one time that is supposed to cut three parts; or one program run three times to cut one part each time.

That might give an indication as to whether it was a software/code (case 1) or hardware (case 2) malfunction.

One program to cut 3 parts.

This thread is almost a year old.

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Turns out my machine is REALLY susceptible to electrical interference. Ended up running a dedicated outlet with an isolated ground along with an upgraded USB cable and a couple chokes. That pretty much eliminated all the random haywire stuff.