I would like to apologize to the group

I would like to apologize to the group for being negative. I need to extend that to ScottNH as he pointed it out to me. I will work on my issue and I’ll try to contribute when I can.

Re : lastest issue, Aksel solved it, the DB9 connectors were loose, I had to shorten the retaining screws a little and it seemed to right itself. I ran the program posted to TinW. and will post a picture the finished part.

For those of you that live local, a bracket made on the crossfire will on a pony cart in the 4th of July Lakeside parade. The cart will ridden by a young lady and will be pulled by her pony. I’ll post a picture of the brackets, come out and cheer her on when she passes.



Glad you’re up and running!

Frank huh? Let me guess, “He’s a dragon, not a lizard”?

Hey Frank, I’m glad that we were able to help you clear this up!

It looks like @langmuir-reilly was actually the one who was troubleshooting with you, he was just using my login for our troubleshooting ticket system. (He signs off as -RF on emails.)

Reilly and I will look out for the pony cart on the 4th of July!

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