I went to a Makers space and I could not believe it

I just want to say I visted a maker space about 30 mins from me and I can tell you if you have one near you check it . I was shocked at how cheap it was and the amount of equipmnt they had.
Computer lab
Electronis lab
Metal shop
4 3-d printer
5 lasers
complete wood shop

If you are thinking of getting some piece of equipment and would like to see it first that’s the place to go. Works perfect if you could use a piece of equipment you don’t need very often instead of buying and having it set in the corner most of the time.

The place I went to has a basic member of $25 that’s a bargain!!!

What does that get you?

Monday, Tuesday, 4-10 pm Friday, Saturday 4-10
3 hours per day. There are some hourly charges for some of the equipment. I think lasers were maybe 7 or 10 per hour.
The membership were kind of hard to understand but seem very reasonable.
They have day rates and other types of memberships.
Day rate was $20 per day for a max of 6 hours
they have a 24hr (you get your own key) come when ever you want that was $250 mth


Thanks! It seems to be a very accommodating a’la carte menu of choices.

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I will post more after first of the year as I think I will sign up. The long drive is the bad thing.

It takes me 30 minutes to get to a gas station from where I live. I have always had an hour plus drive to work.