I need some SheetCam setup assistance

I’m following the instructions on Cam with SheetCam. I completed step 3, but cannot find the screen shown in step 4.


Along the top of the Sheetcam window… Chose:

Tools / New Jet Cutting Tool /

You should find what you’re looking for there!


Perfect! Thank you.

ArcLight Dynamics provides a very good series of tutorials on Sheetcam including setup for tools, etc. Since these are geared toward plasma cutters, the content is pretty much on the money.


Excellent. I just watched the first clearly illustrated video. Perfect speed also. Too many times they move the cursor around and talk too fast. Thanks for the tip.

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Usully I fing YouTube videos too slow so I run them at 2X speed. You can do the same in reverse - the gear icon in the YT window will show a Speed option and you can slow it down in addition to speeding it up.