I Need One on One Help

Does anyone live near Menifee, Ca that can help me figure this thing out? I’ve had my table for 2 months and cannot figure out the software. I’ve watched all the tutorials several times from downloading to creating the g code. I cannot get g code into Mach 3. I have no clue what I’m doing wrong.

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What exactly are you having trouble with? Are you able to create a program, put it into cam, and are just confused on how to make your program a g code?

If you post process in cad save in file of choice and you open it in mach3. I you draw an image make sure to extrude it before bringing up in cad. Not sure where your stuck at to be able to help further

If your past the post process stage etc… Go into mach 3 and there will be option to load g code find file u saved it in and open it

Yes. I have been unable to get a file to show up on mach 3 in g code.

I dont think I’m saving it correctly or I’m missing a step. Whenever I move a file into mach3 it does not show up in g code.

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Send me a video on fb messenger Blake Bahruth

There is a free program online called Teamviewer. If two people download the same version, it allows remote viewing of their pc. I use it quite a bit for PLC or SCADA programming where our engineers may be in another state or something. Pretty darn handy. If there’s a privacy concern it can simply be uninstalled or just run it from the download only.

Not for me focus on fusion and possibly I can help

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This is the reason I’ve asked for a video on a simple drawing a flange, nesting in fusion to cam to mach3 to the crossfire.
They say there is one already???

Yes there is a video showing nesting on Langmuir’s YouTube videos. As far as importing the g code, it’s the same way

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Im having the same problem I can get the project to mach3 under a g code and will load I go run it goes crossways of the table and stops and every timer I run it runs exactly the same path. I have a guy going tonight that I hope he can find out what I’m doing wrong. I’m been trying to cut something out for about a month I’m going to keep my fingers crossed

Do you see the file that Fusion 360 created on your computer somewhere? (You saved it somewhere… you can find that file, right?)

When you find that file, right click on it and click “properties” from that menu.

The COMPLETE file name should show up at the top of the window that comes up. What is that file name? (It should have a period and some letters after the period. I’d like to know the full file name.)

I believe that Mach3 expects the file name to end with “.nc”. Fusion 360 could be creating the file with a slightly different name. Windows has a default setting called “Hide File Extensions For Known Types”. All you have to do is turn off that setting and now you’ll be able to easily see the full filename INCLUDING the extension at the end that had normally been hidden from you. You right click on the file, click rename, change the extension to .nc on the very end of it. Now, you can copy that file over to the computer that has Mach3 (use a USB key for example) and Mach3 should be able to see and open the file.

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I fill like im just pushing buttons i have try it 20 different ways the program will come up in Mach3 and run program up to fire the torch for a 1/2 second and that’s where it stop . I have no idea what I’m doing wrong

That sounds like a completely different problem than what B-Lack is having trouble with. Can I suggest you please open a new thread and explain the situation, what you are doing, what is happening after that, and what kind of plasma cutter are you using? There have been some changes to the list of compatible cutters based on new information that Langmuir received. This thread is about someone else’s issue which sounds like they are having trouble with how the file name is being saved. It would be a good idea to separate the two issues so people can try to help you without confusing it with other information. I hope you’ll understand why I’m asking.

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Watch -learn fusion 360 or die trying and take step by step notes. The guy is awesome and helped me a lot. Good luck

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I live in Canyon Lake ca. I am programming for over 35 years only thing is I don’t use fusion 360 I use sheet cam and solidworks let me know if you still need some help

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