I Need HELP with this

I have been trying for the past 2 day to fix this logo on InkScape and for the life of me I can’t fix it. Every time I upload it to sheet cam it’s all red and yellow line all over the place. Can anyone help me?

Start a new document,
Import the SVG (not open, but File->Import
Then press 3 on your keyboard. That will resize the rendering to fit your screen. It loaded fine on my computer.

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If @TinWhisperer can give me 24 hours I’d like to start my twitch where I do everything possible to AVOID using fusion 360. Lol.

I have a private consult tomorrow morning and I’ll hit this right after. I’ll open the file and explain what the issues are and how I would fix it in affinity designer. Inkscape is just too slow and clunky for me. But Affinity is cheap.


About to get started, just trying to get the twitch thing figured out, I think I’ve got it. I may make a post in the main part of the form. It’s a good file to show how to simplify.

Well, hopefully this makes sense. I’ll learn how to explain things as a I go. Hopefully my number of throat clears is under 100.


I am going to take a run at this using fusion 360

Live stream link below

The F3D can be downloaded via this link . it is too big to post on the forum 13.4 mb

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