I need Help Converting

I have been trying to find an old English D (non Split) but I can’t find one any where. Does someone have a ready cut file that they can share? I have found the Detroit Tigers logo but I can’t upload it to Fire Control because it’s not a Gcode . If someone knows of a program that I can use to converet DXF/SVG files that would be great as well.

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Fireshare does have some split monograms in DXF format.

There’s a few online browsers that can convert the right kind of image to DXF or SVG. https://convertio.co/ is one of the best.

You will need to learn a program that will allow you to do the CAD (computer aided drafting) portion of this.

These will be programs like.


Fusion 360


Free cad

Adobe illustrator

Basically any program that will export a DXF or SVG.

Once you have a DXF or SVG

You’ll also need to learn how to use a program for CAM (computer aided machining)

The two current programs used with the langmiur system are.

Fusion 360


These programs will turn your SVG or dxf into tool paths and make G-Code that fire control can understand.

The G-Code is instructions of how the langmuir should move and operate during the cut to get your desired final result.

There is a lot to it but with small bites anyone can get through it.


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Did you try creating a Text object with Old English Font? Then convert to path (probably not the correct terminology for Fusion, but you hopefully get the idea) and scale to your heart’s content.

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Thank you for all your help.

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