I am embarrassed asking this question

I have never used a CNC machine/burn table and have no idea how to create or download project and start using my new table. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have downloaded sheetcam and inkscape. I am still lost.

The support tab on the main website for Langmuir.

I would suggest, going to fireshare and downloading, then extracting the “test coupon”.

Then import into sheetcam.

You will have to set the holes to inside cut and the slot and the outer perimeter to outside cut.

Click the button to post process it to get your G-Code which is what the plasma cutter will understand then load that into the plasma cutter and test cut.

now there’s lots of little steps in each of those things that you need to do check out the tutorials on sheetcam as well as the langmeyer videos.


Thank you. I will work on that today.

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How did it go?

I was able to download to sheetcam. I need to watch tutorial on how to resize and convert to format firecontrol can read and execute.

Every little step forward gets us closer.

I am not computer savvy but I was thinking of doing a video of the test coupon being brought in the sheet Cam being processed loaded into langmeyer system and the part cut.

I think something like a simple contained demonstration would help people I know it certainly would have helped me a week ago