Hypertherm x45 help in buying

Ok I’ve decided I’m buying a Hypertherm x45 to go with my Pro table. I went to my welding supply shop today and they are a Hypertherm dealer. They had several different models for the x45. Which one do I need for the Pro? I also have the height control option also with my table. I’ve seen several part numbers for the x45, I just want to but it right the first time. I’ve been to the website and the brochure but it does not clearly tell me which exact model I need for the Pro table with height control. Can anyone help me out with the proper part number so I can buy it? I want to keep the hand held torch because I’m going to use it to cut other metal not on the table.

088113 for just the hand torch or 088123 if you want a hand torch AND machine torch. Both have CPC plug on the back which will have the connections you need for the table and THC. You will also need a CPC connector & pins (I got one one eBay for under $30) or spend $100 on the Hypertherm cable and connector which you will still have to splice into the Langmuir cable.

I read the hand torch disables the CPC on the back so I think you would have to do some wiring/adjustments to make it work with the table/THC vs using by hand and swap back and forth. I bought both torches, I plan to leave the machine torch connected to the table and have the hand available for other task.

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I have the 45xp. I have this one Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP #088123 Machine System CPC 180M & 75H Torches 25’ Leads https://www.weldersupply.com/P/1660/HyperthermPowermax45XP08 and I got the machine interface cable for the THC https://www.weldingsuppliesfromioc.com/hypertherm-25ft-cnc-machine-interface-cable-w-voltage-divider-228350

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What’s the difference between serial port and CPC? I just have the CPC

Not 100% sure but a can tell you the CPC is what you need to run with a pro table. It has the voltage divider and contacts for triggering the torch.