Hypertherm powermax 45

I do have the CPC port on mine, but ive read that it only works with a machine torch. A new torch runs $500+. Ive read you can make a hand torch act like a machine torch, but id have to rearrange pins on the lead cable. I want to keep my hand torch functional if I ever need to use my cutter in other applications. I haven’t received my table yet but im planning on just splicing the wires like the generic trigger wire instruction says.

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Fair enough. I was unwilling to tap wires in my very new plasma cutter and really liked the CPC option. It is a lot more convenient to leave a torch attached to the table also. So if you could get a second torch you might like it. Another option to use the CPC port would be to insert a pin in the #8 position for the torch handle and then put a selector switch in the torch wires so it switches between #6 OR #8. That would allow your torch to function as either a machine torch or a hand torch. You’re obviously in a different comfort level with wire tapping inside the machine. I don’t know if it’s the same colored wires as the xp or not just trying to offer good alternatives that I would appreciate if I were in your shoes!

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@bricklef - It sounds like you might know the answer to this… I’m taking delivery of my table on Tuesday and have a PowerMax 45XP I’m going to pair with it. My plasma has a CPC port and I decided to buy a machine torch for the table rather than modifying a second hand torch. Do you know if the Langmuir system will plug straight into the back of my plasma cutter or will I need to add anything else to make the interface work? Thanks for any help!

You have to buy a CPC plug to hook up to the back of the plasma cutter and torch firing cable. I’ll look in a bit to see if I can find the thread on here

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Is this the post? NTK FabWorks table setup with drain tank and Hypertherm wiring explained

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Lol yep!! That’s the one! It works perfectly!! The shipping on the plug/wire and cap were fast.

Ok. Thanks for your help!

I have the Hypertherm 45XP with the CPC port. I use the machine torch with my Crossfire. The hand torch has to be modified to use the CPC port. Pins 3 & 4 on the CPC port are used to fire the torch (these are the pins connected to the Langmuir electronics). You can either purchase a cable from Hypertherm (part # HYP023206, $81 from Airgas) or build the cable for much less (about $20). If you decide to build it, you need a 14-pin male CPC plug, a pin insertion tool, 2 pins, and wire (16 or 18 gauge). Jameco, Mouser, & several other electrical supply houses sell the parts.

@genealto thank you! I will have the same setup as you have… I decided to purchase a proper machine torch for my 45XP so it should all be plug-n-play. I just took delivery of my table today and can’t wait to get cutting!

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@genealto Do you mind taking a picture of your wiring setup with your Hypertherm?

I Haven’t set up my machine yet. If someone doesn’t beat me first, ill post some pictures.

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I wrote up specific instructions with photos. This system is not allowing me to upload a pdf format and it is truncating a png format without including the photos. Send me your email to flintstonestone200@hotmail.com, and I will send you the instructions.

Thank you Genealto! I sent you my email.com

Hello, id like to see your writeup if you have it handy?

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I tried to email him at the address provided but it won’t go through. Anyone have a copy they can send me? ryoung678@hotmail.com

Anybody have a review. I can get this for $400 locally. Brand new with a warranty.

I forwarded it to you. I am currently wiring mine up (Hypertherm powermax 45) now and will post once its up and running.

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I set up my powermax 45 using the langmuir systems method. I opened my torch to identify what color my trigger wires were.(Orange / Purple)

Second I opened my torch lead cable connector to identify the correct pins. I then marked the outside of the connector.

Third, I identified the correct pins within the connector housing. Make note the wires were the same color within the housing on my machine. Marking the cable connector helped to identify the correct pins.

Forth step was to connect the splice connectors to the correct wires within the housing of the plasm cutter.(orange / Purple) I did peel back a bit of the wire wrap to access more of the wire.

Fifth step is to check for continuity. I hooked up the langmuir supplied cable to the splice connectors. I tested with a multi meter to ensure I had the right wires. I placed the multi meter leads on the end of the connector (one on the inside, one on the outside) and pressed the trigger.

Lastly, I routed the cable to the back of the plasma cutter housing. Hypertherm did an excellent job of sealing this machine. I had to drill a hole in my housing to run the wire through.

I taped the hole to reduce dust and debris as much as possible. Its not the prettiest solution but it worked. I do plan on attaching a quick disconnect sometime in the future.


I hope this is clear, it seemed to work for me. Originally I planed to buy a machine torch and use the hypertherm cpc port connector. That was a little too pricey. Maybe in the future if I feel the need to upgrade to a duramax torch ill go that route.


So is the proper machine torch for the Hypertherm 45xp truly plug and play I’m going to buy one and I don’t want to open it up to wire it?

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