Hypertherm 65 machine torch

Has anyone tried a aftermarket torch on a Hypertherm? I’m sure they aren’t as good as the stock Hypertherm ones. But half price for a hobbyist is real appealing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324224835549
That’s the one I was looking at probably won’t run it over 50 amps.

You’re basically taking the benefits of a $3500 PM65 and turning it into a $1500 china cutter. Not to mention, Hyperthem will not warranty nor help you if you have problems. Cut charts most likely won’t be anywhere close anymore. I’d spend the extra $270 and do it right.


The only real difference between the hand and the machine torch is the shape. They use the same consumables (for the most part). According to Jim Colt there’s some advantage wrt to heat effects on the torch, but I’d guess you would have to be doing a lot of cutting to see those. So I’d stick with the stock hand torch before going to a third party machine torch.

Thanks. I have a pin moved to a different slot in my hand torch to make it fire like a machine torch. I’d just like a machine torch to stay on the machine and I’d put my hand torch back like it was so I could hand cut occasionally. It is just a safety and convenience thing.

I don’t understand this statement. A machine torch vs hand torch to the same Plasma Cutter has the same wiring except that a Machine Torch doesn’t require the torch trigger signals.

Don’t go aftermarket with your torch. As was said above, stick with stock hand torch or get a hypertherm machine torch when the $ is available.

Well that’s the only way it works with the cpc port

Wiring is changed inside the torch to use the hand torch with the CPC port.

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Thanks for the reply, but I still don’t get it. Other than the Hand held torch needing to trigger the arc, I don’t (and haven’t seen in any other Plasma cutter) a difference between the two CNC or otherwise.

It’s specific to the 45XP hand torch. Zip tie the trigger and the #6 pin has to be removed from the connection assembly and inserted into the #8 port. This bypasses the trigger safety and lets the CNC port fire the torch.

To clarify a little, the Hyperthem knows whether a hand torch or machine torch is being used based on the position of that wire. Even with the trigger zip tied, a hand torch will not fire with a signal to the CNC. Moving that pin tells the HT a machine torch is being used and allows use of the CNC port.

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Hmmm, ok. Thanks for taking the time to explain. All I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t have these ‘clever’ arrangements to deal with with my PC.

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